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Information for Sponsors

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Skepticamp Australia does not have a rate card for sponsors at the present time, however there are a number of ways you can sponsor a skepticamp event, financially or with goods.

The core aim is to provide a free and open event. Above and beyond the costs of staging the event itself, we would like to cater for delegates and volunteers, ideally a lunch, perhaps an afternoon tea, some giveaways and perhaps even a bar tab at post-event drinks. Any unspent surplus will go into a fund to assist with future events around the country, and accounts will be made public. We want to keep costs as low as possible in order to maintain a low barrier of entry for new locations and to ensure the ongoing viability of Skepticamp Australia

Financial Sponsorship

For the upcoming Sydney event, we're asking that organisations or individuals wishing to sponsor the event financially can do so in one of three ways.

  • Individuals or organisations are asked to contribute as much as they feel they are able, in return for which they can place a logo on promotional t-shirts and a permanent listing at the event page on the skepticamp wiki, as well as any other promotional materials produced. They will also have the opportunity to distribute materials of their own at the event from the registration area, to post promotional posters at the event and will receive a prominent mention in opening and closing addresses.

As mentioned, there is no set donation for this kind of sponsorship, but a suggested minimum may be around $2-$3 per attendee.

  • Organisations who wish to run a fundraising event are encouraged to do so, and a fine example is Western Sydney Freethinkers' Zombie Jesus movie night, at which donations will be gathered from attendees.

  • Organisations who wish to directly sponsor, for example, lunch, morning tea or post-unconference drinks are most welcome to do so. A catered lunch can cost $7-$10 per head for a basic menu. A bar tab at the post-event social gathering is highly variable, but we'd suggest between $200 and $300 to be a fair amount per sponsor. Return can be as for financial sponsorship as above, but negotiation is encouraged.

Sponsorship in Goods or in Kind

BarCamp and Skepticamp events usually feature giveaways during the closing session with all attendees. Often these are books, DVDs, gadgets or items of a similar value. This is an ideal opportunity to promote a business or venture in a cost-effective manner. The donor's name (or a short message) can be read out with the giveaway, and the item can be promoted during the day. One-off, unique items are of particular value here.

Likewise if your business provides a service which may be of use during a skepticamp event, please chat with the organisers and arrange a deal. Examples may include: catering, wireless internet, venue hire, transport, accommodation, A/V hire and staging, video production or t-shirt printing.

Individual Donations

Skepticamp Australia was kicked off with personal donations from a number of individuals. Donations are more than welcome, and your donation can be publicised or kept private. Please chat to the organisers if you wish to donate individually.


At future events we may consider a vendor area at which businesses can offer goods, the classic example being a book table. Please contact the organisers to discuss.

This draft document is offered as of 12th April 2011. Skepticamp Australia reserves the right to revise this page without prior notice.

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