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Skepticamp Australia runs several services for unorganisers

The Wiki

This wiki is available to unorganisers and participants. Currently, you only need to verify your account by email in order to edit pages. This may occasionally change, such as in the leadup to an event, when Administrator approval will be required. This is a measure to minimise abuse. If you need Admin rights, let us know.

Google Apps

We run a Google apps account on

email addresses can be allocated. We currently have a 50 user limit, so please request sensibly.

Google Sites

Google Docs

Google Contacts

Google Calendar


The twitter account is @skepticampaustralia

Access can be granted to unorganisers on request. We use Co-tweet for multi-user access.


The Facebook page is at Skepticamp on Facebook

Let us know if you need admin rights.


We used EventBrite for the first Skepticamp event in Sydney. There's a Skepticamp Australia account which can be used to ticket your event. We also maintain a relationship with Moshtix if full ticketing services are required


A skepticamp Australia Youtube Account will be established shortly.

Logos and design assets

Artwork will generally be available via this site, but ask if you need something specific. See also, this page's "Attachments" link on the top right.