Skepticamp Sydney Proposed Harassment Policy 2013 - Discussion

2013/08/27 22:06 by Administrator
Welcome to AVN followers
Hey all, Jason here.

Based on Meryl's frankly weird rant over on the AVN page, I've made some slight amendments to the page. Those of us on the back channel unorganisers list will be fully aware that the policy is proposed, not accepted, so I've made that change. Dave has also pointed out the use of the word 'respect'. I've amended that to 'courtesy', mostly because of the fact that respect is earned not automatic and is too often taken by the misinformed to mean "you must respect my ridiculous opinion even though it's stupid how dare you question me now give me money". Sorry, slipped into Doreyan mode there for a second.


You'll also notice I've added a welcome message at the top.