Social Media at Sydney 2013

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Social Whatia?

Social Media is a big part of Skepticamp. But we need to set some parameters to make it a success.

As of the time of writing, wireless internet access at UTS is not finalised, but we're hoping to run a hotspot for attendees. UTS staff and students can already access.


Skepticamp Australia account: @SkepticampAU.
Follow this account for official stuff.

Twitter hashtag: #skepticamp
The hashtag feed may be displaying on screens in the venue, so take this opportunity to make everyone lose the game, or whatever it is you do. But in seriousness, try and make the hashtag as awesome as you can, we're all in this together.


Skepticamp Australia Page:
Interact there as much as you like. Upload photos, video or just chat.

Facebook hashtag: #skepticamp
Again, try to make the hashtag as awesome as you can, we're all in this together.


Does anyone actually still use this?




Check-in venue: UTS Building 2.
Check in here. Please don't create a foursquare venue for the event, but do mention why you're at UTS when you check in. I don't think we'll manage a swarm, but no doubt a few people will score the "Player Please" and "Animal House" badges. ;-)


Skepticamp Australia channel: SkepticampAU
Attendees are allowed to and encouraged to film talks as well. If any speaker or person present requests you do not film them, please politely respect their request. We also ask that you licence any uploads with Creative Commons ShareAlike and tag them "skepticamp" and "sydney". We may request to use your footage. If you're uploading during the day, feel free to promote on twitter and facebook with #skepticamp


Skepticamp Australia group: SkepticampAustralia
The Flickr group is an open group, so please share any and all photos you take to the group. The more the merrier, including from past Skepticamps. Tag with "skepticamp" and "sydney", and if you can, promote your channels on the other Social Media streams. As with youtube, please use Creative Commons so that other Skepticamp attendees can benefit, and if anyone requests their photo not be taken, please politely oblige.


Instasmudge hashtags: #skepticamp and #sydney
Please tag all photos with these two hashtags, then share them wide and far on all other social networks.

Other channels

Tag any content with "skepticamp" and "sydney". We'll find it.

If you think there's a major social network missing, please contact an unorganiser.