Skepticamp Sydney 2012

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The event is on 26th May at UTS, Broadway, Sydney. Grab a ticket, turn up (come and find us in the lecture halls to the left of the main foyer) and enjoy!

Lunch will be provided

Skepticamp Sydney 2012 is sponsored by:

Our sponsors will be on hand through the day, so do have a chat and give pats on the back, hugs or cupcakes.


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As a side event during SkeptiCamp Sydney 2012, there will also be CupCakeCamp!

What Is CupCakeCamp? CupCakeCamp is a delicious, collaborative event that will be happening during Skepticamp. Like Skepticamp, it's free to join in and everyone is encouraged to contribute.

How Do I Participate? Get baking! This is your chance to show off your culinary skills. If possible, bring a sign so that your fellow Skeptics know what they're eating - What flavour are your cakes? Do they contain nuts? Are they gluten or animal product-free? Bring a batch of your best cupcakes along, and ask an unOrganiser to direct you to Bronwyn or Bea.

At a designated time during the day, Skepticamp attendees will be given the opportunity to taste-test the cupcakes and vote for their favourite. There will be prizes and bragging rights for the winners of Skepticamp Sydney's CupCakeCamp!

Talk registration

Sign up for a wiki account and edit below the line to add your talk. Adding your talk here doesn't guarantee you a slot, however. To do that, you need to turn up on the day and reserve a talk on the schedule board.

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Jason Brown: Animals of the World and why they're all Pricks

Jason takes the creatures of earth to task for being insufficiently awesome. May include elements of vertebrate biology, invertebrate behaviour, taxonomy and swearing. (warning: talk not finalised, so this may never happen)
Likely to morph into a short talk on veterinary quackery, including homeopathy, acupuncture and anti-vaccination, because frankly comedy is hard
Speaker: Jason Brown

Maynard: How to NOT get a show on ABC Radio

The Dirty Disbelievers has been turned down by every level of ABC management, so is a good example of what not to do if you want to get on the ABC. Maynard will riff on the adventures of The Dirty Disbelievers, then throw the floor open to questions that may help YOU get your own show.
Speaker: Maynard

Peter Bowditch: We're so skeptical we can't be fooled

I'm going to get a group of skeptical people to do things they don't think they're doing. Or even that they can do.
Speaker: Peter Bowditch

A Day in the Life of a Scrupulous Woo Pedlar

What goes on in the head of a quack healer? And what happens when integrity gets in the way? May contain rhyming.
Speaker: Shelley Stocken

Cancer : Mainstream and alternate viewpoints, mainstream and alternative therapies

Cancer is a very controversial area. What are the details of how it comes about ? How do the alternative views on cancer and therapies fit into the picture ? What about mainstream criticisms of cancer therapies ?
Speaker: John August

F**k Facebook - A Skeptics Guide To Search Engine Optimisation

How can skeptics engage and communicate more effectively with the general public, particularly online?
(Hint: It's not by setting up a Facebook page)
Speaker: Chris Higgins

Selling Pseudo-science to Skeptics

As skeptics, we tend to believe we are somehow more rational than the average person, that we can rise above tacky lies of adverts with sexy celebrities, sad-eyed puppies and supercars. Advertising doesn't work on us. So without telling a single lie, we're going to show how often we fall prey to good marketing. Can we produce a pseudo science that's skeptic proof?
Speaker: Ben Bale


A look at the tactics of denialists and what we can do about them.
Speaker: Nick Andrew