Skepticamp Sydney 2013

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Skepticamp Sydney 2013

Where? When?

Saturday 12th of October 2013, from 10am until 5pm.
Grab your ticket NOW!

Rooms CB02.04.10 & CB01.04.06.
UTS Sydney, Broadway campus.

Head to UTS Sydney and through the main entrance to UTS Building 1. Look for some stairs to your left, and head to the far side of those stairs but do not take them, just go around them. From there you should be able to see us.


Nothing, nada, zip, zilch, squat, zero! You CAN'T buy SkeptiCamp for a dollar, because it's completely free!


We got swag yo. Get your shirts now, and be the belle of the ball at Skepticamp! These stylish designs will be the envy of all and sundry throughout the rest of the year until next year's Skepticamp rolls around! Male styles and female styles to suit your fancy.

What is SkeptiCamp?

Most conferences ship in big names and faces from around the country and around the world to talk, but one thing missing is participation from the audience. Many are often left thinking "But I have an opinion on that too" or "they should have covered this as well!"

Well Skepticamp is your chance, because the audience IS the speaker list! Prepare your own talk on any topic you like! It is kinda preferred if it's at least somewhat related to science and skepticism, but this is by no means essential.

How Do I Participate?

The speaking slots are spaced 20 minutes apart. This provides 10 minutes for the talk and 5 minutes for Q&A, and 5 minutes to move between rooms (or 5 for talk, 10 for Q&A, 5 to move).

Prepare your own talk on any topic you like! It is preferred if the talk is at least somewhat related to science, skepticism and critical thinking, but this is by no means essential. You can also run an audience-participation open discussion on certain topics, these have proven to be very popular in the past. You can even use the period to use the audience as guinneapigs and run your own tests and experiments! No ethics board approval required!

When you arrive, look for some boards covered by post-it notes, and add your own to book a slot! It's that simple! There WILL be videoing and photographing going on, but if you'd prefer not to be recorded simply attract the attention of the people doing it and they'll be happy to leave the record button unpressed.

Also take a look at our Top Tips for Speakers.

Powerpoint slides can be accommodated, please bring a USB stick with your presentation and/or a laptop with a VGA connection or adapter (and power supply). For esoteric A/V or staging requests ask!

In the last hour of the day everybody will come together for prizes and flash talks...

What Are Flash Talks?

Flash Talks are short talks given is the last session of the day. Anyone can stand up and have a go, you don't need to register in advance. However you only have 3 minutes & you cannot use powerpoint/video.


We've got catered wraps & rolls turning up at lunchtime, including GF and vegan options. There are also a few food options nearby, and afterwards we'll be retiring to Bar Broadway, where there's Thai and beer (and wine, and spirits, and cocktails. And stuff)

Skepticamp Sydney is sponsored by:


Bea Bowditch and Bronwyn Pinchbeck are running CupCakeCamp!

What Is CupCakeCamp?

CupCakeCamp is a delicious, collaborative event that will be happening during Skepticamp. Like Skepticamp, it's free to join in and everyone is encouraged to contribute.

How Do I Participate?

Get baking! This is your chance to show off your culinary skills. If possible, bring a sign so that your fellow Skeptics know what they're eating - What flavour are your cakes? Do they contain nuts? Are they gluten- or animal product-free? Bring a batch of your best cupcakes along, and ask an unOrganiser to direct you to Bronwyn or Bea.

At a designated time during the day, Skepticamp attendees will be given the opportunity to taste-test the cupcakes and vote for their favourite. There will be prizes and bragging rights for the winners of Skepticamp Sydney's CupCakeCamp!

Talk Registration

Sign up for a wiki account and edit below the line to add your talk. Adding your talk here doesn't guarantee you a slot, however. To do that, you need to turn up on the day and reserve a talk on the schedule board.

Your Name: Talk Title
Short description of your talk if you feel like it. Copy this chunk of text when editing the wiki and substitute your own information.
Speaker: Your Name Here.

Daniel Raffaele: Fakelore vs. Folklore

In 1947 a distress call was intercepted by the US Coast Guard off Indonesia. The ship was found adrift, the entire crew dead, even the dog. The faces of the dead were turned skywards, their teeth bared in an expression of agony, yet none showed any signs of trauma. What happened aboard the Ourang Medan? More importantly, did the Ourang Medan even exist?
Speaker: Daniel Raffaele

John August : What qualifications do you need to talk at Skepticamp? - A right of reply on criticism of my past talk on cancer

My talk last year attracted some criticism, based partly on my lack of credentials. Developing on this, here's my response to what I would consider unfair criticism.

John August : NSW Skeptics, a critical review

Based on my experiences, reflections and discussions with others, I present a critical review into the NSW Skeptics, legally known as the Australian Skeptics.

Ian Bryce : Measuring Morality

This talk will apply the tools of science to ethical decisions. It will demonstrate a methodology to provide a numerical “merit” for each of several options. How closely does it match our “gut feelings?”.

Ian Bryce : Ode to the Higgs – celebrating the scientific discovery of the decade

This visual-poetic-choral presentation will illuminate the scientific questions using art.

Nick Andrew : Working Title

A wide-ranging talk which I hope will get people thinking.

Speaker: Nick Andrew

Jason Brown : The future of Skepticamp Sydney

A moderated metaforum on what you want from next year's event

Peter Bowditch : Getting yourself hated

A tour through the "minds" of people who send hate mail. Of which I have received a lot. Or "alot" as they say on the Internet.

Kate Alway : Critical Atheism - left and right in Australian atheism

Atheist and freethought movements have been active in this country for over 120 years. They have had more of an effect on our lives than most would realise, but drama, controversy and splits have never been too far away. nineteenth century secularists understood the importance of politics for their movements, but these days many of us don't understand what 'left' and 'right' mean, leaving 'new atheism' representing only one side of what used to be a productive debate. critical atheism is the start of a coherent left wing atheist movement, for those of us who want more than liberal, rationalist atheism.

Robin Hilliard: It's Life Jim, But Know as We Not It

A quick introduction to a very simple yet oddly exhilarating game that couldn't possibly tell us anything surprising about the nature of things... or could it?

Social Media

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Harassment Policy

The things that shouldn't need to be said, but sadly they do.