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Skepticamp Sydney 2015

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The event will be held on Saturday 30th May at UTS, Broadway, Sydney. Grab a ticket, turn up (come and find us in the lecture halls to the left of the main foyer) and enjoy!

Lunch will be provided

Skepticamp Sydney 2015 is sponsored by:

  • Australian Skeptics
  • UTS Atheists Society
  • In Vino Veritas

Our sponsors will be on hand through the day, so do have a chat and give pats on the back, hugs or cupcakes.


Event t-shirts are available now, get in quick to have yours in time for the event.

Get your t-shirts here


Everyone's favourite side event, CupCakeCamp will be happening again this year.

What Is CupCakeCamp? CupCakeCamp is a delicious, collaborative event that will be happening during Skepticamp. Like Skepticamp, it's free to join in and everyone is encouraged to contribute.

How Do I Participate? Get baking! This is your chance to show off your culinary skills. If possible, bring a sign so that your fellow Skeptics know what they're eating - What flavour are your cakes? Do they contain nuts? Are they gluten or animal product-free?

Bring a batch of your best cupcakes along on the day, and ask an unOrganiser to point you in the right direction.

At a designated time during the day, Skepticamp attendees will be given the opportunity to taste-test the cupcakes and vote for their favourite. There will be prizes and bragging rights for the winners of Skepticamp Sydney's CupCakeCamp!

Talk registration

Let people know what you plan to talk about at Skepticamp Sydney 2015.

Sign up for a wiki account and edit below the line to add your talk. Adding your talk here doesn't guarantee you a slot, however. To do that, you need to turn up on the day and reserve a talk on the schedule board.

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Thinking Bad Redux

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Speaker: Nick Andrew

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