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Skepticamp Sydney Proposed Harassment Policy 2013

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Did you arrive based on a recommendation by the Australian Vaccination Network?

If so, hi. We're flattered at all the attention. Welcome. Really. We're not sure why Meryl has such a flea in her ear about us wanting to keep our attendees safe and comfortable, but we've never really understood the way she thinks.

Now, to business. Skepticamp is all about learning, and boy have we got some things for you to learn

First of all, you might want to know a little something about Meryl Dorey's abuse of AVN Finances. She's been ripping off her followers for years, kiddies. It'll be uncomfortable for you, perhaps - especially if you've ever given Meryl money - but no-one said learning was easy.

You might also like to take a delve into some of the other things Meryl Dorey, and her associates, have been lying to you about over the years, in

Meryl Dorey's Trouble with The Truth Parts one, two and three

Lastly, we'd like to point out that Meryl, or any other AVN supporter, is welcome to attend the event and even speak. This is, after all, an open-access event. But remember you'll be subject to the same rules as anyone else, and if you can't back up your claims with evidence, you're probably not going to be a shining success.

Skepticamp Sydney Harassment Policy 2013


Don't be a dick.

Long version.

Skepticamp Sydney, its sponsors and unorganisers are intolerant of intolerance, harassment, and abuse (both verbal and physical). This includes but is not limited to reasons of sex, race, orientation, sexuality, disabilities and religion (excluding scientology and exclusive brethren).

Treat your fellow attendees with courtesy, that's all we ask. It's not hard. It's also not a school yard. Before you do or say anything, stop and think how you'd feel if someone did or said that to you. Stop and ask yourself if anyone will ponder whether someone of your age should have known better. Stopping and walking away can and often is the more virtuous act.

Explicit language will happen, but we ask all attendees to keep an eye on where/when it is used. Be mindful of those around you and their age. Use your discretion and err on the side of caution and courtesy.

If you experience, receive, observe or overhear anything that appears to be even remotely pushing the bounds of harassment, please wrangle an unorganiser ASAP. They will use their discretion as to whether anyone will be told to HTFU, be given a polite request to tone down, receive an official warning, be asked to leave the premises, or get escorted off the premises by UTS security.

Again, if you receive, oversee or overhear any harassment at all, please track down an unorganiser ASAP. We cannot act if we are not made aware.

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