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Sydney 2011 Event Roundup

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Skepticamp Sydney 2011 was a triumph. I'm making a note here: huge success

Skepticamp Sydney 2011 is now history and we're looking forward to Melbourne, however it's time to do some work on what went wrong and what went right.

How this event compared in numbers to previous Skepticamps is here. We were one of the largest (unconfirmed) and had the most individual topics.

Please feel free to use the discussion tab on this page and/or make edits of your own - Jason

What did we do right

The venue was excellent. Centrally-located, easy access, spacious enough and with good multimedia

Food seemed to be very well received

Speakers and participants were engaged, switched on and very much deserving of applause

Twitter announcements of speaker/room schedule was very helpful

Provision of power/charging for mobile devices was excellent

What did we do wrong

Wireless access was problematic. We could have provided wifi logins with nametags, which would have made things easier (note from @skepticampau: future events will organise wifi at a much earlier stage)

The scheduling board was very ad-hoc and could have used a bit more foresight (note from @skepticampau: is there a tech solution to this? Or stay lo-fi with post-its and paper?)

Perhaps key / prominent presenters could be pre-scheduled to allow attendees to plan which presentations they wish to attend in advance. The Twitter announcements worked well, but not all attendees were Twitter users. (note from @skepticampau: The Rules of Skepticamp specifically call this out as a "don't do")

Audio recording wasn't organised properly (note from @skepticampau: will vary per-venue but discussion with A/V crew should start earlier)

Insufficient budget and a short lead-time meant we had no merchandise (t-shirts etc) at the venue (note from @skepticampau: Action item: source a local distributor)

Closing session could have used more of a format for giveaways (note from @skepticampau: ran out of time for scripting - again, lead-time. Each compere to have this as action item)

Tea / Coffee facilities were inadequate and not close to a water tap to allow re-filling kettle. Perhaps an urn would be more appropriate if one can be borrowed / obtained. (urns, good idea. Or a large water source)

Blog reactions

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Other coverage / Miscellaneous Debris

We outranked Justin Bieber in the Charles Moses Sydney Daily (Lulz)

Dan Summer's Slide Deck for the talk "The Gospel According To George Lucas" is here

A couple of mentions on FuckYeahSkeptic for May 3rd

Bayani Mills recorded the "Skepticamp in Theory and Practice" Session and placed it on YouTube here. The presenter moves around a lot so is hardly ever in frame. Yes, that was me.

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