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Sydney 2011 Event Roundup

Page discussion for Sydney 2011 Event Roundup
Prize draw2011/05/02 22:06 by Ishai Sagi
What we figured out in the user group that I manage is that using the method Jason and Dave chose to give away prizes is very problamatic - it means that only outspoken people get prizes - which discourages the shy people. not fair! (but fun - how else would we have gotten to see a staring contest until someone drops?!) What we do is a total random door prize draw - quick, easy and fair to everyone. All you need is a CSV of all the attendees, and a mini laptop (or even a phone). I can share either a laptop script, or you can do it the manual way by drawing a random number from a phone app, and correspond it to a number assigned to each attendee. Better yet - print out numbers on name tags (some attendees got tickets without specifying a name) and that way its double blinded - the person drawing the number doesnt know who is behind the number.
Re: Prize draw2011/05/02 22:19 by Administrator
The door draw was going to be part of it originally, but as it turned out, we didn't get the entry system up and running as we wanted it, so we were a little stuck. we could probably have gone off the friday night data export, thinking about it now.

Definitely one to fix for the next event
Re: Prize draw2011/05/05 00:05 by Ian Woolf
Its also traditional at BarCamps to give t-shirts to the speakers. Or even prizes. Its good psychology.
Re: Prize draw2011/05/05 23:49 by Administrator
Re: t-shirts for speakers, we had budget to get them for volunteers. We didn't have budget to get a large batch for sale or for speakers. We need to look into a different supplier for the next ones, with a better lead time. But that's well worth looking at.

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