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Sydney 2011 Event Roundup page is established. Please feel free to tell us what we did right and what we did wrong.

The Event

Skepticamp Sydney 2011 takes place at Building 2 of UTS on Broadway in Sydney, on the 30th April 2011. Registration will be outside Room 2:4:10, just to the Western side of the main entrance. Talks take place in rooms 2:4:10 (Lecture Theatre) and the nearby 2:4:23 (Informal lecture room). There will be aftercamp drinks at the Clare Hotel, just opposite UTS on Broadway, immediately after Skepticamp.

There may be a pre-event meetup, possibly on the night before (TBC), so everyone can meet and greet.

Registration starts at 10am, and Skepticamp officially opens at 11am in 2:4:10. unOrganisers meet at 9 for 9:15am in the Main Lobby.

Individual sessions should run to roughly 15 mins. Suggested talk length is 10 mins, with 5 mins for questions. If you need a longer slot, please chat with the unOrganisers. The day will round out with a "flash talk" session, in which any participant can address the entire unConference for no more than five minutes.

Would you like to register a talk? Or register to help? Add your name under the line marked "speakers", make sure you're registered via EventBrite and we'll get in touch. Speakers, please include your topic or talk title

A suggested Schedule for the day is up for discussion here. There are also Some tips for your presentations here.

Some suggested guidelines for social media users can be found at Social Media At Sydney 2011


Geoff Cowan is donating a door/speaker prize: A limited edition (one of only five printed) portrait of James Randi taken at TAM Australia in November 2010

Bob Lloyd has offered an AC Grayling book as a spot prize

Skepticamp has a pack of books for spot prizes

The RatbagsDotCom Empire and Peter Bowditch are donating a bottle of wine as prize for CupCakeCamp. Get baking.
There might be some other prizes as well, such as books, to go as door prizes.

The following groups have sponsored the Sydney event:

Sponsorship is welcome, please contact the organisers if you'd like to help out


Peter Bowditch - Keeping your skepticism out of court.
I realise that there was a session about skepticism and the law at TAMOZ, but there was nobody on the panel who had actually been dragged into court in Australia for their skeptical activities. I have been, and this talk will be about what I have done to make sure it doesn't happen again. If you want to criticise people publicly it is useful to know how to stay on the right side of the law.

Tim Harding: Genetically modified foods - are they safe to eat? Is opposition to GM foods based on rational concerns or irrational fears of the unknown?

Maureen Chuck: Clinical Trials How they work - this will be a very dry talk - so I advise everyone to have a big drink of water

Jason Brown: Skepticamp in theory and practice - why skepticamp? How skepticamp? Who skepticamp. A guide for delegates and unorganisers*

Julian Orbach: Introduction to Skeptics StackExchange - quick intro to a new Q&A web-site for skeptics.

Kylie Sturgess: Token Skeptic Vodcasts - two short films from the Token Skeptic podcast:
- 'Little Sugar Pills - Why Fall For Homeopathy?'
- 'Dr Oz Vs Dr Steve Novella - The Video Analysis

- may be used as reserves*

Dan Summers: The Gospel According to George Lucas - a long time ago in a Galilee far, far away.

Eran Segev: Skeptical Crowd Sourcing - how individuals can work together to make a difference.

Bea Bowditch: The Image of Skepticism
Looking at the image of the skeptical community from the perspective of those outside the movement and how we can improve communication.

Bob Lloyd: Observations of Nursing & Woo An observation of Woo belief in a Nursing environment.

Brian Fischer-Giffin: Parody of the Mass - Metal vs. Christ - how a small group of vocal Christians shut down a heavy metal concert.

Tim Mendham: The media - How to deal with the media without putting your foot in your mouth and stuffing up your reputation (and that of others)

Ishai Sagi: Skepticism and the Politics of the Middle East
For the last 60 years the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has dominated the news coming out of the middle east. But are we really informed? Can we trust information coming out of that region, be it from journalists seeking the latest headline sensation (and competing with celebrity news), or from activists on the ground driven by their own agendas? Not to mention the official responses from the goverments and other bodies there. In this session I will draw parallels from the world of skepticism to the my personal political views and will tell my personal story of how being skeptical (and acting on that skepticism) can get one imprisoned. Hopefully, by the end of the session you will have a clearer understanding of why you should be skeptical of anything you hear about the region (including the contents of this talk).

Jo Benhamu: "A brief history of nursing: perceptions, realities & alternate realities"

JosefesoJ Daroczy: The big issue of little words Why the simple trivia of occupation titles, service terms and business names in society need careful consideration by the skeptical community and education for citizens. This talk probably won't be dry enough, so sponges may be provided.

Dave The Happy Singer: Say NO To Chaplains: The Musical** A case-study in online activism, or how to do Twitter better than Jim Wallace.

Joel Pittman: Religious Education and the pentecostal movement - A former youth pastor's look at evangelical religious education

Alan Conradi: NCR
Drawing on my experience as a Behaviour Practitioner for children with intellectual disabilities, I will be discussing some of the wackier treatments I have seen in the field.

* reserve talk to fill slots if required ** may not be a musical


Bea Bowditch and Bronwyn Pinchbeck are running CupCakeCamp!

What Is CupCakeCamp?
CupCakeCamp is a delicious, collaborative event that will be happening during Skepticamp. Like Skepticamp, it's free to join in and everyone is encouraged to contribute.

How Do I Participate?
Get baking! This is your chance to show off your culinary skills. If possible, bring a sign so that your fellow Skeptics know what they're eating - What flavour are your cakes? Do they contain nuts? Are they gluten- or animal product-free? Bring a batch of your best cupcakes along, and ask an unOrganiser to direct you to Bronwyn or Bea.

At a designated time during the day, Skepticamp attendees will be given the opportunity to taste-test the cupcakes and vote for their favourite. There will be prizes and bragging rights for the winners of Skepticamp Sydney's CupCakeCamp!


Jason Brown - Benevolent co-Dictator, Voice of God

Dave the Happy Singer - Benevolent co-Dictator and chief improvisational muso

Esther Trenowden - Benevolent co-Dictator and moneybags

Jasmine Marosvary - Audio/video recordings and twirling

Geoff Cowan - Photography

Maureen Chuck - Speaker wrangling and general on-the-day organising

Bob Lloyd - Speaker wrangling and general on-the-day stuff

Peter Bowditch - Tech stuff, general stuff

Carol Calderwood - 7-seater people carrier, general stuff (from ~8am Saturday) - Lifts from Newcastle area a possibility

Bea Bowditch - General dogsbody, CupCakeCamp Co-unOrganiser

Bronwyn Pinchbeck - CupCakeCamp Co-unOrganiser

Ruth Ellison - General on-the-day stuff, photography

Alan Conradi - Voice of zombie reason, braaaaains trust

Lucas Randall - IT lackie, tech stuff.

Sharen Scott - General on-the-day stuff, photography

We need: more Speaker Wranglers and general organisers (ticket taking, monitoring rooms etc). The more we have, the less each person will have to do.

We also need: photo and video people and tech volunteers.

An unorganisers meeting took place on the 19th April at Sydney Drinking Skeptically. Notes can be found at Sydney Meeting 19-4-11 DS. Next meeting is at the Zombie Jesus Fundraiser, Penrith School Of Arts, Saturday 23rd April.


Kate Alway and the UTS Atheists Society were instrumental in organising the venue, and we would like to say THANKS.
Skepticator is a financial sponsor

Western Sydney Freethinkers are assisting with the event and running a Zombie Jesus fundraiser

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